New Years in Japan

This video is about 4 years old now, but I thought I’d re-post it now because it’ll give you a look at what New Years is like in Japan.


Christmas in Japan (Music Video)

In celebration of the season, I’m going to be posting some holiday videos here. This one’s called Christmas in Japan, by my friend John Janzen (Fatblueman). You either get it or you don’t…

Adventures With Food! (video)

The blog has been pretty quiet lately except for my monthly prayer updates, so while I’m still in Canada and have some extra time as Partnership Development comes to an end, I think I’ll post some videos and stuff here. This is one I just finished editing and uploading, and is a compilation of several short food-related clips. Enjoy.

My Pray for Japan Video

This is a video I put together a while back, that I’ve been showing at churches I’ve been visiting during Partnership Development. A look at the beautiful sights of the country I call home, and a reminder to pray for the 99% unreached.