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Mountain Stairway (photo of the week)

Stairway Through the Woods (photo of the week)

Looking Back (photo of the week)

Prayer Letter (June 2019)

Hi everyone, I hope you are doing well, and that summer has found you wherever you are! Yoko and I are currently in Thailand, where we have just spent the past few days with a number of other missionaries for

Through the Mist (photo of the week)

On the Rocks (photo of the week)

Imposing (photo of the week)

The Little Train That Could (photo of the week)

Prayer Letter – May 2019

Hi everyone, Yoko and I are happy to announce that on April 30, we became husband and wife. We are so thankful for those who were able to celebrate with us; for our friends’ and families’ encouragement and prayers; and

Spring Has Come!

Recently I was asked to write an article for Kyoho, the monthly newsletter of Immanuel General Mission, the church denomination we work with here in Japan. They requested I bring greetings regarding my then-upcoming marriage as well as a short