Spring has sprung! In Japan, spring means the end of one school/business/church year, and the beginning of a new one. It’s a time of transition and change for many people. For us, while there are no huge transitions this year, here are some of the changes and challenges we’re praying about now…

Church Life: Multiple waves of Covid have made it difficult for churches in Japan to do ministry as usual, especially with limited space to begin with. So for us as missionaries, in-person ministries have been few and far between this past year and a half. But as things slowly become more open, we are praying about a potential ongoing ministry at our church in Komatsu. Please pray with us for direction about this and other ministry opportunities that may come our way in the coming months.

Drawbridge Creations: In March we finished our first season of serialized manga at Waypoints. We’re taking a break from posting new content in April, in order to work ahead on season two, which starts in May. If you want to catch up, there are eight full stories on the site now. We’re thankful for your prayers and support, and for the excellent artists we get to collaborate with. Please pray that we can reach a wider audience in the months to come, and point our readers to the hope we have in Jesus.

We recently had 10,000 of these cards printed as promotional items for Waypoints. We hope to take or send them to churches and ministries all around Japan so Christians can give them to friends they want to share their faith with. Let’s pray that these cards will all find a good home!

Thank you for partnering with us!