Hi everyone,

October was another full month for me. I led worship twice, went to Tokyo to attend a Christian arts festival, and starting doing manga translation work again. I also visited the Immanuel Church in Hamamatsu to help them put on a kids outreach event. All this in addition to my regular English classes and Japanese studies. Like I said, it was a full month, but actually I don’t feel too busy, and still have time to rest. Thank God with me for His strength and protection! And please pray with me for the following…

  • English Cafe —  11/6
  • English Club outreach — 11/8
  • Prayer meeting worship leading — 11/11
  • Traveling to Tokyo for a meeting — 11/17
  • Preparing for December’s Japanese exam.
  • Inspire Union’s 10th anniversary event — 11/14

A note on that last point: this is another ministry I’ve been involved in this year that I think I’ve mentioned but never really explained. Inspire Union is a ministry for returnees — Japanese who have lived abroad and recently returned to Japan. Many Japanese people have trouble adjusting to life back in Japan if they’ve been abroad for a while. And for those who become Christians overseas, it’s an even bigger struggle, as they return to non-Christian families and don’t have their own churches to come home too. Inspire Union’s main focus is on helping these kinds of Christians get connected with local churches and each another. We usually have an event once a month, where we gather for worship and fellowship. I’ve been helping out with planning these events and leading worship. Please pray for this important ministry!

As always, I really appreciate your prayers and support! Thanks for being on the team!

– Robin