Hi everyone,

Hope you’re all doing well. Summer has arrived in Japan, which means not only is it getting hotter, but I’m getting busier. On that note, I’m going to keep things short and sweet this month, and jump right to the prayer requests.

June Prayers Points:

  • 6/1 — English Cafe here in Nagoya
  • 6/2-3 — Preaching and music ministry in Shimoda
  • 6/9-10 — Preaching, music and kids ministry in Matsuyama
  • 6/13 — Leading worship at prayer meeting in Nagoya
  • 6/14 & 17 — English Bible studies in Nagoya
  • Please pray for my church as they make major decisions about our building project over the next few week.

I’d really appreciate your prayers this month, especially as I do extra travelling and ministry in addition to my weekly English classes.

Thank you!

– Robin