Hi everyone,

In February we completed our second year with our current kids English class. As you can see from the above photo, they’re an energetic bunch, and it’s a lot of work keeping up with them; but we have a lot of fun together.

As I’ve mentioned before, most of my students in all 4 of my English classes (3 for adults, 1 for kids) are from non-Christian backgrounds. I’m thankful for the relationships being developed between our church and community through our English ministry here, and that little by little we’re getting to sow Kingdom seeds in their lives. During this month’s English Bible study, we had some really good conversation about Jesus, heaven and the Gospel, and I think I was able to help the two non-Christians present see some major differences between Christianity and other religions.

Please keep praying for the students, families and friends we’re connecting with through our English ministry at Immanuel Nagoya Church. Also, here are some upcoming dates to keep in prayer about:

3/3 — English Cafe

3/4 — Mountain climbing with friends that I’m starting a new climbing ministry with. This is kind of a “test run” for this ministry which we’ll be doing once a month starting this month. Meanwhile, a couple of American missionary friends will be covering my English class that day.

3/15-16 — The Immanuel Church Annual Conference in Tokyo. Pray for productive meetings, vision and direction for our partner denomination in Japan; and for the churches and pastors going through transitions this year.

3/22 — Leading worship at my church’s prayer meeting.

If you’re up for a little more reading, here’s a link to an infographic about the State of Missions in Japan to fuel your prayers some more: https://omf.org/blog/2017/01/17/japan-mission-church-infographic-team/

As always, thank you for your partnership!

– Robin