Hi everyone,

I hope you had a great summer in your part of the world!

The first weekend in August, I visited Hiroshima, along with some friends from Nagoya. We enjoyed a full day of ministry and fellowship with the Immanuel Hiroshima Church. I preached in the morning, and in the afternoon my friends and I did a mini-concert and testimony time. It’s a lot more work getting a group of people together, practicing and prepping; but it was fun having friends along for the ride, and we could do more together than I could have alone. I’m thankful for God’s protection, direction and blessing on our trip.

The day after my return from Hiroshima, I left for youth camp in Nagano, where I played on the worship team. It’s always great seeing such a large group of Japanese teens worshiping Jesus together. Imagine the impact they could have on Japan if they really let Jesus get ahold of their lives. Let’s pray that they will!

Here are some dates and prayer points to keep in mind as we begin September. There are a lot!

    • 9/1 — English Cafe
    • 9/9 — Hiking ministry
    • 9/17 — English Bible Study
    • 9/20 — Leading worship at prayer meeting
    • 9/24 — Preaching & English Bible study in Kyoto
    • Pray for clarity of vision for GP in Japan, and my role in our mission moving forward.
    • Pray for direction about some possible changes in my English ministry at the end of the year.
    • Pray for a peaceful resolution to the hostilities in this region involving North Korea.
    • Pray for God to call and equip more missionaries to Japan.

Thank you for your continuing prayers and support! Your partnership in our mission here is much needed and appreciated!

– Robin