Hi everyone,

Here in Nagoya the sakura (cherry blossoms) are in full bloom, which means that spring is here! Thank you for your prayers over the past month.

The photo above is from an early Easter tea party hosted by Denise, who leads one of our English Bible classes at the church. Denise continues to do a great job teaching this group.

Meanwhile, I started a new English Bible study in March, which will be meeting once a month. We only had 3 students the first time, but several others have expressed interest. Please pray that this important part of my ministry will grow and bear fruit!

Our monthly English Cafe re-launched in March as well and 8 people took part. Not a bad start…

This past weekend, I attended the Immanuel Church’s annual conference. This year marks their 70th anniversary, so the schedule was a little different than usual. One major highlight was a big youth event on Saturday. It’s good to see the denomination make our youth and young adults a priority. Please continue to pray for the Japanese church!

Please pray with me for the following as well:

1. English Cafe this Friday, April 3.
2. Leading worship at Inspa (returnees ministry) this Saturday.
3. Leading worship at prayer meeting next Wednesday, April 8.
4. English Bible class on April 19.

As always, thank you so much for your partnership in our mission to Japan!

Happy Easter!

– Robin