Hi everyone,

Earlier this month, we got our annual allotment of snow. Since we get so little snow in this part of Japan, when we do get some, it always warms my Canadian heart. As you can see from the above photo, some of the locals enjoy it too. These are some of the young people from my church and the snow Snoopy they built together. Not bad, eh?

Two Sundays ago I visited Kyoto to do an English Bible study at Immanuel Kyoto Nishi Church. I was filling in for fellow GP missionary Andrea Swarthout, who had to be away that week. I really enjoyed connecting with the church and seeing so many non-Christians taking part in the Bible study.

The first part of the year is relatively quiet for me in terms of my work schedule. But looking ahead to spring, it seems like it’s going to be a busy year, with an increase in travel and preaching. It’s not too much, but it does mean I have to stay on top of things. Please pray that I can plan and prep well in advance, before another busy season arrives.

In addition, here are some specifics to pray for:

2/2 — English Cafe
2/8 — Worship Leading at Prayer Meeting
2/19 — English Bible Study

As always, your prayers and support are much appreciated! Thank you for your partnership in advancing the Kingdom and Church in Japan!

– Robin

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