Most of you have probably heard the news about last week’s earthquakes in Kyushu, southwestern Japan. I thought I would send a quick update to let you know that I’m OK (Nagoya is pretty far from the affected area) and to let you know how you can pray and help.

The latest news I’ve read puts the death toll from the quakes at 48, with an additional 10 indirect deaths caused by the physical burdens of living in shelters. Over 1000 others are injured, and rescuers continue to search for 2 additional missing people. 200,000 people have reportedly been evacuated.

Below are some prayer requests and links to more information. Additionally, on a personal note, I’d ask you to pray with me about my response. If possible, I’d like to take part in the relief efforts and have already been in contact with one of the Christian organizations about this. I have some flexibility in my schedule in early May, so pray that God will provide the right opportunity and resources. Pray, too, that I can be a light where I am even in Nagoya, as these times open up opportunities to talk about the hope we have in Christ.

Prayer Requests from the Japan Evangelical Association:

1. The rescue operations by the government and emergency rescue teams to be successful.

2. Protection and recovery of affected churches and Christians in the region.

3. Japanese churches, Christian relief organizations to minister to affected people with Christ’s love.

4. Protection of relief workers from burn-outs and harmonious coordination of relief ministries.

5. Through all these, the Kingdom of God to be advanced and bring spiritual awakening to this nation of Japan.

Links to more information:

JEA Report
JapanCAN on 3 Ways to Help

As always, that you for your prayers, support and encouragement!

– Robin