Hi everyone,

It’s been an encouraging month with lots of connecting and re-connecting. Some highlights can be seen in the above photos. Randy & Linda Freeman, GP missionary wellness coaches, visited this past week. And earlier in the month, former Wesleyan general superintendent Joanne Lyon was in Japan for the Japan Holiness Association’s annual events. Japan is so far from home and the rest of the Wesleyan world. It’s always fun and encouraging to re-connect with the Tribe.

Another highlight of the past month was taking part in an art festival event (with the theme of “Connections”) at a church in Nisshin, just east of Nagoya. I got a lot of good feedback on my work and its message, which was really encouraging.

Ministry-wise, October was relatively quiet for me. I had my regular classes and ministries, of course, but not a lot of extras. Now that November is here, I’m entering a really busy season of ministry leading up to Christmas. I’d appreciate your prayers as I try to keep ahead and minister effectively. Following are some specific events and dates:

11/04 – English Cafe
11/09 – Leading worship at prayer meeting
11/12 – Leading worship at Inspa (returnees ministry)
11/20 – English Bible study
11/24 – Substitute teaching another English Bible study
11/27 – Preaching & music ministry at IGM Yamaguchi Church

I’ll also be preaching twice in December, so I’d appreciate your prayers as I begin prepping for those as well.

Thank you for your ongoing prayers and support for our work here in Japan! I hope you have a great November!

– Robin