Hi everyone,

I hope you all had a happy Easter! Here are a couple of highlights from Easter in Japan:

On Easter Sunday, we celebrated two baptisms at Nagoya Immanuel Church. One of these new Christians is a young lady who started coming to our church less than 2 years ago through the witness of a co-worker. The other is an older gentleman who has been coming for almost 20 years along with his wife, who is a member of our church! Everyone’s story is different, but thankfully God doesn’t give up on us! Praise God for these new additions to our Church family!

baptism copy

Last week we held an English Club event at our church. In addition to games, music and snacks, a taught a short Easter message, sharing about the hope we have as Christians because of Jesus’ resurrection. I’m thankful that among the 30-odd people who attended, there were at least 5 non-Christian guests who got to hear the Gospel!

band copy

Now it’s May and I’ve only got about six weeks left before the end of my term and my return to Canada. Thankfully, we have found someone to cover most of my English classes in my absence, but we are still looking for at least one more teacher to take the rest. Please keep praying for this need. Pray, too, for the rest of the preparations I have to make over the next month. And pray for my students and friends who don’t know Jesus.

Thank you as always for your prayers and support!

– Robin