Hi everyone,

I hope you’re enjoying autumn so far! Yes, I know it’s not November yet, but we’ll be on the road this week and I wanted to get this written and out there ahead of time.

Autumn has become a busy season for Yoko and I. Yoko is enjoying her first Canadian Fall, and I’m enjoying introducing her to friends and partners here. We’ve both enjoyed connecting with our partner churches and sharing about the mission in Japan. Here are some highlights from October…

1. Visiting both of my home churches: Journey Wesleyan in Fredericton (where I grew up; see photo above) and Brown’s Flat Wesleyan Fellowship at Beulah Camp (which we currently call home). 

2. Thanksgiving with my family at Beulah Camp.

3. A weekend in Newfoundland, where we connected with Solid Rock Wesleyan, and got to engage with them by visiting their youth group on Friday night, speaking at a men’s breakfast (just me in that case) Saturday morning, taking part in an international dinner Saturday night (cooking, speaking and singing) and doing a full presentation in the morning service Sunday morning. We also enjoyed a few sights along they way…

Yoko and I would really appreciate your prayers this week and throughout November. Here are some specifics you can pray for:

1. Please pray for us as we travel to (and through) Ontario over the next 3+ weeks. Please pray for safe travel and strength for the many ministries and meetings we’ll be having.

2. Since she’s not employed by GP and we’re not here long-term, Yoko is currently in Canada as a visitor, which only allows her six months’ stay. Please pray for favour as we apply to extend Yoko’s visitor visa to Canada, so that she can continue to accompany me for the rest of this Partnership Development term. 

3. As I mentioned in last month’s newsletter, our church in Nagoya has just moved into their new building! They will be having their official building dedication this Saturday (11/2). Please continue to pray for Nagoya Immanuel Church.

4. As many of you probably saw on the news, Japan was hit by a major typhoon recently. Please pray for those affected and for the recovery efforts. Visit CRASH Japan’s website for more information on how the Christian community is responding and how you can help. 

5. Lastly, please pray about our financial partnership needs. We were hoping to be at 50% by the end of October, but, while we’re close, it hasn’t happened yet. Pray for new connections and partnerships. If you’re not a financial partner yourself, we’d certainly appreciate it if you’d consider becoming one. Please visit THIS LINK for more information.

Thank you for your partnership in prayer! 

– Robin (and Yoko)