Hi everyone,

May was a very full month! Thank you so much for praying!

The big highlight was our English Club event on May 10 featuring Kat McDowell in concert (see photo above). We had 61 people there… about half of whom were guests! These included many non-Christians, including a few of my English students and their family members. I shared a message about God’s love for us and our need for Him, based on Jesus’ lost sheep parable.

One of my adult students had told us very firmly when he first joined the class that he was not interested in religion. Well, I’m happy to say that not only did he show up to this event, but he actually complemented me on my message! It’s a little thing, but I feel like it’s a sign that his heart is becoming more open. Please pray for him and the rest of our guests and students.

Another highlight of the month was teaching our twice-a-month English Bible class in place of Denise (who took over this class when I was back in Canada last year). It’s great to see so many non-Christians engaging with the Word and learning about Jesus. Please pray for our English Bible students!

Please pray in the coming weeks for the following things:

  • The GP Asia area retreat (June 2-6)
  • Worship leading at our June 10 prayer meeting
  • Monthly English Bible study June 21
  • Continuing English classes and Japanese studies

Your prayers and support are much appreciated! And needed!

Also! One more thing before I go…


Most of you know that I’m an artist, and that I’ve been making comics in my free time seriously for the past few years. You probably also remember that part of my vision is to share our faith through comics, which are huge in Japan.

Well, I’m happy to announce that my first graphic novel has just be published! Doodze is a cartoon fantasy story, and not overtly Christian, but has a lot of positive, redemptive themes. More importantly, getting this published is a huge step in the direction of making my ultimate vision a reality.

All that to say, I’d really appreciate it if you would share this link online, tell any friends who might be interested, and even consider buying a copy. Here’s the link to my online store:

Again, thank you for your ongoing prayers and support!

– Robin

Robin WhiteGlobal Partners, Japan