Hi everyone,

Thanks for your prayers this past month. It was a busy one, with lots of travel, meetings, and a couple of preaching opportunities. I’m thankful for God’s protection and guidance.

The photo above is from my visit to the Immanuel Church in Nirayama, where I preached and led worship in English with the help of an interpreter. It’s a very small church, as you can see, but on the day of my visit there were six guests. One of the pastors told me by email later that two young girls who were visiting that day were showing an interest to putting their faith in Jesus. Please pray for these two girls and for the pastors as they follow up with them.

I’d appreciate your prayers as we enter the summer months. Here are some things going on in June you can pray for:

  • 6/2 — English Cafe
  • 6/3 — Hiking ministry
  • 6/14 — Leading worship
  • 6/18 AM — Preaching in Nagoya
  • 6/18 PM — English Bible study

Again, thank you so much for your prayers and support!

– Robin