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Photo of the Week — Walking by the Wall

January 2016, Azuchi Castle Ruins

Osaka-Sayama, 2015 (photos of the week)

Summer Bloom (photo of the week)

Japanese Strawberry Picking (photos of the week)

It’s been a while since my last weekly photo. Since I’m playing catch-up anyway, how about a photo gallery this week instead of just one pic.  These were taken in April 2015. They do strawberry picking a little different in

Photo of the Week: Waiting

Photo of the Week: Up Stairs

Photo of the Week: Misty Mountains Part 2

Photo of the Week: The Misty Mountains

These weekly photos haven’t exactly been weekly lately, but let’s try again, and see how the summer goes. This photo isn’t exactly seasonal, having been taken the fall, but anyway…

Upon This Rock (photo of the week)

Photo of the Week: Neighborhood Shrine