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Photo of the Week

If you saw the┬ánewsletter I posted last week, you’ve already seen this photo. It was taken in Miyajima last August, and features a lovely sunset sky behind a the famous red gates and a silhouetted friend of mine. This is

Snow-Covered Leaves (photo of the week)

Nakamura Park in Nagoya, February 2016. Shot with my Holga film camera in black and white. This will probably my last weekly photo for 2017, and since it’s the Christmas season, I tried to find something seasonally appropriate. A rare

Hiroshima Castle Through the Trees (photo of the week)

Hiroshima, August 2017

Photo of the Week

Iga Ueno Castle, July 2015. For more, check out this post on my photoblog.

Photo of the Week: Miyajima Night

August 2017, Miyajima.

Autumnal Orange (photo of the week)

This week brings us more of the colours of fall in Japan. This photo was taken at Mount Tado in nearby Mie Prefecture, back in November 2015. For more photos from that day, check out the most recent 3 posts on

The Colour of Autumn in Japan (photo of the week)

October 2015, Ena City in Gifu Prefecture. For more photos from that day, see my post “Autumn Waderings in Gifu, Japan” on my photoblog.

Nuclear Dome (photo of the week)

August 2017. Hiroshima Peace Memorial.

Photo of the Week: Not so still, but very blue, waters

August 2015. Atera Valley, in the Kiso Valley region of Nagano Prefecture. For more photos from that day, check out my photoblog.

Hikers in the Mist (Photo of the Week)

August 2017, somewhere between Mount Yari (Yarigatake) and Kamikochi, in Nagano. This photo doesn’t do justice to how beautiful the actual scene looked, with the early morning sun shining through the trees, breaking through the mist.