Haru via Holga (photos of the week)

Haru (spring) scenery in Nakamura Park, Nagoya. Shot on film with a Holga camera, April 2016.

Nakamura Koen Sakura (photos of the week)

Nakamura Park, Nagoya, April 2016

Cherry Blossoms in Black and White (Photo of the Week)

April 2016, Nagoya

Sakura-Framed Mountain (photo of the week)

Cherry blossoms frame a view of Mount Shakujo, April 2016

A Season of Big Changes — Spring 2019 Newsletter

Hi everyone,

I hope you’re doing well. This month’s update is in the form of a PDF newsletter, and includes some big updates on my schedule in the coming months, as well as the official introduction of our manga ministry, Drawbridge Creations.

Please click here to read, download or print:


Your prayers and support are much appreciated!

– Robin

The Way Things Were (photo of the week)

Shirakawa-go, shot on black and white film with a Holga camera, April 2016

Tall Trees (photo of the week)

Mount Shakujo, April 2016

Shakuhachi (photo of the week)

A man plays a shakuhachi — a kind of Japanese flute — at my church
in  Nagoya in October 2016.

Sunshine Sakura (photo of the week)

Cherry blossoms in the sunlight, shot on film with my Holga
back in 2016, probably at Nakamura Park in Nagoya

My Pagoda (photo of the week)

Azuchi Castle Ruins, January 2016