Osaka-Sayama, 2015 (photos of the week)

Summer Bloom (photo of the week)

Harvest Hill, Sakai, Osaka, summer 2015

Summer’s End (September Prayer Letter)

Hi everyone,

I hope you’ve had a good summer wherever you’ve been. Can you believe it’s coming to an end?

In August, after wrapping up my English ministry duties, I traveled to Budapest, Hungary, for the Global Partners Tri-Area Conference.It was great change of pace and scenery, and encouraging to spend time with fellow GP missionaries, worshiping and learning together for a few days.

I got back to Japan just in time to join my church family in Nagoya for a barbecue on the roof of our building (as seen in the photo above) — our last chance, as we move to temporary facilities in September and enter the demolition phase of our re-building project. Please prayfor my church as we go through this time of transition.

Looking ahead at September, it looks like I’ll be away for about half the month! Please pray for my working holiday in Tokyo (9/7-12), the Immanuel Church Chukyo Area Retreat (9/16-17)and my ministry trip to Kure (9/27-30).Kure is a city in Hiroshima prefecture that was affected by the flooding that happened earlier this summer. I’m planning to take part in disaster relief efforts as well as do some more typical church ministries while I’m there.

Meanwhile, your continued prayers are appreciated for our manga ministry project, as I take initial steps with that this Fall.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, please click HERE to check out the newsletter I sent out last month.

As always, thank you so much for your partnership in missions in Japan!

– Robin

Japanese Strawberry Picking (photos of the week)

It’s been a while since my last weekly photo. Since I’m playing catch-up anyway, how about a photo gallery this week instead of just one pic.  These were taken in April 2015. They do strawberry picking a little different in Japan. You walk around with a little cup and some condensed milk, and eat of the vines. As you can see, even the bees like it!

Summer Adventures & Transitions (Newsletter)

Hi everyone,

It’s time for one of my quarterly newsletters, and this time there’s a LOT to talk about, so please don’t miss it:

Click HERE to get the PDF

Meanwhile, you’ve no doubt heard about the major flooding that happened in Japan recently. If you’d like to support the Christian relief efforts, I highly recommend giving to CRASHJapan. Whether you can give or not, please pray!

I’d also appreciate your prayers as I travel to Hungary for the GP missionary conference the week of August 19.

As always, thank you and God bless!

– Robin

July in Japan (prayer letter)

Hi everyone,

I hope your summer is going well so far. Thank you for your prayers over the past month!

In June I went on two ministry trips — to Shimoda and Matsuyama. Both were very full weekends, with both preaching and music duties. Thankfully God strengthened and used me, as guests heard the gospel and churches were encouraged. As a bonus, I got to see some beautiful scenery along the way, as you can see from the picture above, taken in Shimoda.

Meanwhile, as this year of transitions continues, I’m in the last month and a half of my regular English teaching duties, I just moved house this week, and my church is embarking on our building project. Your continuing prayers would be appreciated during this time of change and decision-making.

As the summer ministry season continues, please pray with me for the following dates as well:

  • 7/6 — English Cafe
  • 7/11 — Worship leading
  • 7/12 & 7/22 — English Bible studies
  • 7/15 — Music and preaching ministry in Morioka
  • 7/27-28 — Kids camp
  • 7/29 — English ministry grand finale event

Thank you again!

– Robin

Photo of the Week: Waiting

Waiting in line at the dango shop. October 2015, Ena/Akechi, Gifu, Japan

Photo of the Week: Up Stairs

January 2016, Azuchi Castle Ruins

Photo of the Week: Misty Mountains Part 2

Odaigahara Mountain, October 2015

Photo of the Week: The Misty Mountains

These weekly photos haven’t exactly been weekly lately, but let’s try again, and see how the summer goes. This photo isn’t exactly seasonal, having been taken the fall, but anyway…

Odaigahara Mountain, October 2015