Photo of the Week

If you saw the newsletter I posted last week, you’ve already seen this photo. It was taken in Miyajima last August, and features a lovely sunset sky behind a the famous red gates and a silhouetted friend of mine.

This is my second week back in Japan after my Canadian holiday, and I almost totally forgot to get back to doing weekly photo blog posts here. So we’re late this week, but hopefully back on schedule next.

Ten Years! (New Years Newsletter 2018)

Hi everyone!

Happy New Year! It’s time for another newsletter, so please follow the link to read/download the latest, where I muse about my ten year anniversary in Japan:

Thank you and God bless!

— Robin

Snow-Covered Leaves (photo of the week)

Nakamura Park in Nagoya, February 2016. Shot with my Holga film camera in black and white. This will probably my last weekly photo for 2017, and since it’s the Christmas season, I tried to find something seasonally appropriate. A rare Nagoya snowfall seemed to fit the bill.

December Dispatch (prayer letter)

Hi everyone,

Thank you for your prayers throughout November!

Recently we’ve been having some really productive conversations about the future of GP’s ministry here in Japan. Please continue to pray for God’s leading as we discuss a couple of potential projects that will help us build a bigger platform here. I’d also ask you to be in prayer for the busy Christmas season. Christmas is a popular holiday even here in Japan where it’s technically not even a holiday, let alone a religious one. It’s a great opportunity for churches to reach out with the love of Jesus.

Now for some specific praise and prayer points…

November Praise Points:

  • Safety and health through many travels and meetings.
  • I no longer have to wear a cast on my toe.
  • A productive visit with our regional director.
  • Good English Bible studies in Nagoya and Kyoto.

December Prayer Points:

  • 12/1 — English Cafe in Nagoya
  • 12/9-10 — Preaching, music & kids ministry in Yamaguchi
  • 12/13 — Leading worship at Nagoya prayer meeting
  • 12/17 — More preaching & Christmas ministry in Gifu
  • 12/17 — Nagoya Church Christmas event (without me)
  • 12/21 — Christmas party for my kids English class
  • 12/24-1/6 — Christmas vacation in Canada!

Again, thank for you continuing prayers and financial support! I hope you have a great Christmas season wherever you are!

– Robin

Hiroshima Castle Through the Trees (photo of the week)

Hiroshima, August 2017

Photo of the Week

Iga Ueno Castle, July 2015. For more, check out this post on my photoblog.

Photo of the Week: Miyajima Night

August 2017, Miyajima.

Autumnal Orange (photo of the week)

This week brings us more of the colours of fall in Japan. This photo was taken at Mount Tado in nearby Mie Prefecture, back in November 2015. For more photos from that day, check out the most recent 3 posts on my photo blog.

November News (prayer letter)

Hi everyone,

The above photo is from October’s English Cafe. As you can see, we were few in number this time (the weather’s been a bit “typhoony” lately) but we had a good time. I appreciate your continuing prayers for my English ministry, as we continue to make connections and point people to Jesus.

In other news, I broke a toe last week. It’s a minor injury, but is definitely slowing me down a bit. I’d appreciate your prayers for a quick recovery, especially as I’ve got lots of travelling ahead of me in November and December.

Here are some other prayer points for November:

  • Our new GP regional director Tim Gallant and his family are visiting Japan (11/10-16). Please pray for us as we talk about the future of our mission in Japan and meet with our partners here.
  • 11/8 — Worship leading in Nagoya
  • 11/19 — English Bible study in Nagoya
  • 11/26 — English Bible study in Kyoto
  • Also, please pray for me as I prep for the busy Christmas ministry season.

And, in case you missed it, please check out the newsletter I sent out last month: Click HERE to view, download or print.

Thank you as always for your prayers and support!

The Colour of Autumn in Japan (photo of the week)

October 2015, Ena City in Gifu Prefecture. For more photos from that day, see my post “Autumn Waderings in Gifu, Japan” on my photoblog.