Look Up (photo of the week)

Azuchi Castle Ruins, January 2016

Harvest Time (Fall 2018 Newletter)

Hi everyone,

Autumn has arrived, and that means it’s time for my latest quarterly newsletter. Please follow this link to get the PDF:


Your prayers and support are much-appreciated!


Autumn Yellow (photo of the week)

Ena, Gifu, Japan, October 2015. Shot on film with a Holga camera.

Bridge Over Rocky Water (Photo of the Week)

Odaigahara Mountain, October 2015

Stepping through the leaves (photo of the week)

Odaigahara Mountain, October 2015

Photo of the Week: Greening Storefront

Tondabayashi, Osaka. Jinai-machi.

After the Storm (October Prayer Letter)

Hi everyone,

Thank you for your prayers this past month. This Sunday I was in Kure City, Hiroshima (pictured above), where I was scheduled to preach once… but ended up preaching twice! Because there was a typhoon approaching, a number of members who usually commute from a senior’s home were unable to make it. So the pastor and I had church with them at the senior’s home in the afternoon, while the storm was raging outside. Ministry in Japan is always an adventure!

October is looking to be a relatively quiet month for me, but I’d appreciate your prayers for the following:

    • Worship leading on Wed.10/10 and Sun.10/21 at my church in Nagoya.
    • Preaching, music and kids ministry at the Immanuel Church in nearby Toyota City.
    • Pray for clarity of vision, direction and creativity as I plan and put into motion our manga ministry project.
    • And please continue to pray for Japan as people continue to recover from multiple natural disasters. If you’d like to contribute to Christian relief efforts, I recommend http://crashjapan.com.

Thank you for being on the team!

– Robin

Out-of-Season Sakura (photos of the week)

This is an odd choice of subject matter for Fall, but since I’m always playing catch-up on posting photos, I thought I’d go ahead and post these cherry blossom (sakura)  photos I took back in March this year. As things cool down, it’s sometimes nice to remember what things are like here when they warm up.

Photo of the Week — Walking by the Wall

January 2016, Azuchi Castle Ruins

Osaka-Sayama, 2015 (photos of the week)