Upon This Rock (photo of the week)

Kenji & Keiko take a break. Odaigahara Mountain, October 2015

Spring Brings Change (Newsletter)

Hi everyone,

Sorry I’m late getting in touch this month. I was away last week and have been busier than usual this week. Now that the dust has cleared, though, my latest quarterly newsletter is now available.

Please click the following link to view/download/print the PDF:


As always, thank you for being on my team!

– Robin

Photo of the Week: Neighborhood Shrine

Sayama City, Osaka, May 2015

Photo of the Week: Blue Skies and Blossoms

Cherry blossoms at Nakamura Park, late March 2018

Photo of the Week: Sakura and Streamers

Cherry blossoms & carp streamers at Nakamura Park, late March 2018

Photo of the Week: Surrounded by Sakura

Cherry blossoms at Nakamura Park, late March 2018

In Bloom (Photo of the Week)

I’m way behind on my so-called weekly photo blogging. But the good news is I’ve got the next month lined up already, and they’re all NEW photos. With the arrival of spring, the sakura (cherry blossoms) have arrived and actually are already starting to fall. This week’s photo was taken this past Saturday at nearby Nakamura Park.

April Update (prayer letter)

Me and my pastors

Hi everyone,

I hope you had a good Easter weekend celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus and the new life we have in Him. In Nagoya we celebrated with the baptism of a man who recently became a Christian at our church. It’s always encouraging to see signs of new life in Japan!

Spring is transition season in Japan, as it’s the start of the school year, company year and even church year. This year, the Immanuel Church chose their new daihyo (president or national superintendent), and my pastor Masarua Uchiyama (pictured above with his wife Noriko and me) was elected. He will continue on as our lead pastor while taking on this important new role; please pray for him, especially during this transition time.

Here are some other things to be praying about over the next month:

    • Pray for my church as important decisions are being made about our building project.
    • This Friday, 4/6, is our monthly English Cafe.
    • On 4/11, I’m leading worship at our church prayer meeting.
    • English Bible studies on 4/12 and 4/22 — some really good conversations and signs of openness lately. Pray for God to use these times.
    • Pray for the strength and wisdom I need as I balance my weekly English teaching and other responsibilities with prepping for another busy summer and planning for what’s next.

As always, thank you so much for your investment in our mission in Japan!

– Robin

A Slightly Early March Prayer Letter

Hi everyone,

I have a couple of praise notes this month: My visa extension was finally approved after several months of delays, and I was given three more years! Thank you for your prayers. Meanwhile, there have been some really good conversations happening in my English Bible studies lately. In last week’s class, one lady straight-up asked “How do I believe in Jesus?” — which led to a great opportunity to share the Gospel with her and the others. She hasn’t yet put her faith in Christ, but is clearly searching. Please pray for her and the rest of my English students.

Here are some other prayer points to keep in mind in the coming days and weeks:

  • I’ve started translation work on another Bible-based manga (comic) book. (Japanese to English)
  • This Friday, March 2, is our monthly English Cafe.
  • March 3-7 I’ll be in Tokyo for the Immanuel Church annual conference. This is a transition year, so please pray for the denomination as they elect a new president and leadership team. Pray too for the churches that will be going through transitions in the coming weeks, after pastors have received their assignments at conference.
  • This month’s English Bible studies are on 3/8 and 3/18 and I’ll be leading worship on 3/14. (EDIT: Moved to 3/21)

Thank you again for your continued prayer and support for me and our partners here in Japan!

– Robin

Photo of the Week: Gifu Castle on Film

Gifu, Japan. February 2016. Shot using a Holga.