Japan 2020 Video

For your convenience, this is a combined version of the video series we shared previously.

Video: Our Kingswood University Chapel Message

A few weeks ago, we had the opportunity at Kingswood University, in what turned out to be the last chapel service of the semester. The whole thing’s worth watching, but if you just want to hear us, Robin starts speaking at the 34 minute mark, and Yoko at the 50 minute mark.

March Missions Movements (Prayer Letter)

Hi everyone,

Thank you for your prayers over the past month! Yoko is safely back in Canada after her brief visit to Japan, and Partnership Development is progressing. Here are some updates and prayer points for this month:

1. Financial Partnerships: We had a goal of reaching 60% of our total Faith Promise need in February. According to our official info from Global Partners, we are currently sitting at 58%. However, I know of a few commitments that are still being processed, so I think we might actually be at 60% once they’re on record with GP. Please pray with us that we will continue to gain momentum, and that we can reach at least 70% in March.

2. Upcoming Travels and Ministries: March and early April are going to be super busy, with several days at Kingswood University, followed by 2+ weeks travelling in Ontario. Please pray for protection, fruitful ministry, good connections and new partnerships. For more details on when we’ll be where, check out our calendar HERE.

3. Survey: Thanks again to those who filled out our survey. If you still haven’t filled it out, please do so soon (click HERE) as we’ll be closing it down next week.

4. Meanwhile, in Japan: As you’ve no doubt seen, Japan is in the news due to the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. While not in a state of emergency, the government has closed schools for the next few weeks and is urging people to take precautions. This is affecting the church world, too, and events are being cancelled or postponed. Our partner denomination, the Immanuel Church, has postponed this month’s Annual Conference until June. Please pray for the Japanese Church during these uncertain times.

Thanks again for your prayers! We’re glad to have you on our team!

– Robin (& Yoko)