Hi everyone,

Hope your summer is going well so far. In Japan, this time of year is a time of festivals, fireworks, camps and other fun.

Last week we held a Summer Festival event for our kids English students. Along with games, music and snacks, I also shared a message about God’s love, and the kids were a lot more attentive than I’d imagined. Let’s pray they’ll remember — and that they’ll experience God’s love personally!

The reason I’m sending this prayer letter early is that this weekend (July 31 & Aug. 1) is our church’s kids camp. There are about 24 kids attending, and 6 of them are current or former English students of mine. My pastor intends to share the Gospel clearly, so let’s pray for salvations!

Here are some other prayer points:

  • English Cafe (Aug. 7)
  • Worship leading at a returnees ministry (Aug. 8)
  • Teen Camp in Nagano (Aug. 10-14)
  • Vacation in South Korea (Aug. 15-19)
  • English classes the first and last weeks of Aug.

As always, your prayers and support are much needed and appreciated! Thank you for your partnership with me for Japan and Jesus!

– Robin