Hi everyone,

As I mentioned in our summer newsletter, Yoko and I are finally getting some in-person ministry opportunities after months of doing everything online. It’s a nice change! 

This past Sunday, we visited Saint John First Wesleyan, where we were interviewed instead of doing our usual presentation. It was fun to connect with the church in a new way and share our story with both the small crowd gathered there as well as those watching online. SJ1 is doing a great job figuring out how to do church gatherings with the current limitations.

This coming Sunday we’re worshiping with River Valley Wesleyan in what is, I believe, their first in-person service since March. We’ll be gathering outside at a local beachfront park, which should make for another fun and fresh ministry opportunity. 

Please pray for Sunday’s gathering, for our visit to Hartland Wesleyan on August 30, and for more opportunities to connect with churches in our region. We’d also appreciate your continued prayers for our partnership needs to be met. And please pray too for Yoko’s application to extend her stay in Canada to be approved.

Thank you for your prayers!

Robin (and Yoko)