Two Praise Points: 

1. Our church in Komatsu celebrated two baptisms on January 23, as a couple who have been connected with our church since last year were baptized together. Praise God for changed lives.

2. We finally raised 100% of our start-up funding goal for Drawbridge Creations! We’re thankful for everyone’s giving and for God’s provision, and look forward to focusing more on the ministry itself this year.

2 Prayer Points:

1. Our goals for Drawbridge Creations in 2022 are to (1) Increase our readership, (2) build our network, and (3) expand our team. (Details on the Drawbridge blog HERE.) Please pray with us for God to enable us to reach these goals and ultimately reach more people for Jesus!

2. Japan is currently experiencing a huge wave of COVID-19 infections. We feel pretty safe here in Ishikawa, but this will continue to limit our in-person ministry opportunities, and for at least a few weeks we’ll be worshiping remotely too. Please pray for Japan, and pray for us to make the most of this time, even with its limitations.

Thank you as always for your prayers and partnership!