Month: November 2017

Hiroshima Castle Through the Trees (photo of the week)

Hiroshima, August 2017

Photo of the Week

Iga Ueno Castle, July 2015. For more, check out this post on my photoblog.

Photo of the Week: Miyajima Night

August 2017, Miyajima.

Autumnal Orange (photo of the week)

This week brings us more of the colours of fall in Japan. This photo was taken at Mount Tado in nearby Mie Prefecture, back in November 2015. For more photos from that day, check out the most recent 3 posts on

November News (prayer letter)

Hi everyone, The above photo is from October’s English Cafe. As you can see, we were few in number this time (the weather’s been a bit “typhoony” lately) but we had a good time. I appreciate your continuing prayers for