Month: April 2017

Photo of the Week — Nagoya Castle Sakura

If you saw my recent newsletter, you’ll recognize this photo. Taken earlier this month, this is what Nagoya Castle looks like during the short-lived cherry blossom season. Lovely, isn’t it?

Sumo Surprise! (Photo of the Week)

Last summer, I went with a student and another guy to see some sumo wrestlers training together outside a local temple where they were staying. These were lower-ranking guys, but still pretty powerful, and interesting to watch up close. What’s

Spring Newsletter

Hi everyone, Spring has come, which means it’s time for another one of my almost-quarterly JapanLog Newsletters. Please follow the link below to read and/or download: Thanks, – Robin

Photo of the Week — Osaka-Sayama

If I were more on-the-ball, these weekly photos would be more topical or seasonal. Maybe someday. In the meantime, here’s a random photo from May 2015, taken in my Japan “hometown,” Sayama City in Osaka prefecture. Way back in 2002,

Photo of the Week — Achechi Sation

This photo was taken Ena, Gifu, back in November 2015. More specifically, it’s Achechi Station, where this little, old-fashioned one-car train still comes and goes. That’s my friend Makiko waiting for departure time.

Spring Has Sprung (April Prayer Letter)

Hi everyone, This month’s photo is of our Global Partners / World Gospel Mission team in Tokyo, at the Immanuel Church annual conference. It was great catching up with Japanese pastors from around Japan as well as these fellow missionaries. Spring