Month: March 2017

Photo of the Week — Mitarashi Dango

This photo, shot somewhere in Gifu in November 2015, is of some freshly made mitarashi dango, a sticky and tasty Japanese snack. My friends and I made short work of this stack of snacks.

Photo of the Week — Katahara Onsen Hydrangeas Village

Shot in June 2016 HERE.

Photo of the Week — Kakegawa Castle in Black and White

Photo of the Week — Signs of Spring in Japan

It’s a little early yet, but it is starting to get warmer and I’m hearing more birds. So in anticipation of spring 2017, here’s a photo from April 2016, taken at nearby Nakamura Park, featuring cherry blossoms and a crane.

Hello From Nagoya — March Prayer Letter

Hi everyone, In February we completed our second year with our current kids English class. As you can see from the above photo, they’re an energetic bunch, and it’s a lot of work keeping up with them; but we have a