Month: December 2014

New Years in Japan

This video is about 4 years old now, but I thought I’d re-post it now because it’ll give you a look at what New Years is like in Japan.  

News & Christmas Greetings

Hi everyone, In my last prayer letter, some things were kind of up in the air.┬áSo I wanted to write to you today with an update. In the past week, I’ve received the paperwork I was waiting for, applied for

It’s Christmas. Baby, Please Come Home.

Recorded last year with some friends in Nagoya. We were practicing for the church’s Christmas event.

Christmas in Japan (Music Video)

In celebration of the season, I’m going to be posting some holiday videos here. This one’s called Christmas in Japan, by my friend John Janzen (Fatblueman). You either get it or you don’t…

December Prayer Letter

Hi everyone, November brought me to the end of Partnership Development. In total I’ve visited 25 churches since late June. It’s been great re-connecting with supporters, family and friends. I’m super thankful for the encouragement and hospitality I’ve received, as